Interior Viewer

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About Project:

This is virtual apartment viewer. The main task was create app to view apartment, moving from point to point. Next task was create hybrid app that can switch between 360 mode and Vr mode. And the last task was porting it to WEB (WebGL) User should see to point and after few seconds he teleport to this point view. Application developed by: Android (Google Cardboard) and Web. Interior Viewer is an apartment viewer with real apartment pictures. It has VR, Web, and regular modes. VR mode works with Google Cardboard glasses. User moves from position to the position using control points on the picture. All that he needs is just look at some control point. In Regular mode, user moves his finger across the screen to view the apartment. User can switch between modes by clicking on the button at the bottom of the screen (button is under his feet in VR mode). The application is also available in Web mode, where user can use mouse, touchpad (for notebooks) or touchscreen(for tablet or phone). Platform: Android | Web Mode: VR (Cardboard) / Touch Control Application developed for VRFor company:

Our role:

We have made core logic for VR Flat viewer and control mechanics with predefined photos «360» from client.

Check Demo Video